Choice and Time - Music Education for Children with Special Needs

Millie and Max wanted to find out more about how children with special needs can be helped to develop their musical skills.

In a study by Gerrity, Hourigan and Horton published in The Journal of Research in Music Education, Millie and Max learned some interesting facts.

Millie explained: "One of the most important considerations was to increase the amount of time the children had to learn and respond to new ideas."

"That seems obvious!", exclaimed Max.

"Yes Max, it's always important to remember that learning isn't a race. Everyone has their own pace they are comfortable with." added Millie.

Max continued: "The study also found that it was important for the children to be able to take time and choose the instruments that they used. I think that is one of the most exciting things about music. Exploring new instruments and sounds is SOOOOOOOO exciting!!!!"

"There were lots of other important findings, including having a positive learning environment, so it's worth following the link below to read the complicated version!" said Millie.

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