Music Is Brain Food!

We’ve been reading a study which has found a positive impact between participation in music and brain development.

We think it’s kind of groovy!

Researchers at The University of Southern California (we think they know what they are doing!) carried out a four year study to investigate the effects of participation in music on child development.

They worked with the Los Angeles Philharmonic Youth Orchestra Program, and looked at the effects of group-based music training in 80 children between the ages of six and seven. They measured neural, emotional, cognitive, and social development measures (we think that means how their brains got better, how they felt better, and how they got on better).

It makes sense to us, the more we sing, dance, listen, or get involved with anything musical - we feel great!

Here’s a link to show you where we read about this! https://dornsife.usc.edu/bci/brain-and-music

Keep feeding your brain with music! Millie and Max :)